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Whether or not you can make it for a visit to the Giraffe Centre, you can make a difference. Betty and Jock’s vision began humbly with creating a safe environment for the giraffe. This meant taking them away from places that their habitat would have been at risk.

Today, our conservation work sees us work more with people. Thousands of students, teachers and youth from Kenya get trained on conservation. Those who seek to take up careers in Environmental Sciences and related courses of study volunteer to serve as our Educators. Educators guide visitors around the centre in an entertaining and passionate exposition of the work of the Giraffe Centre. Since they are volunteers, you are free to tip your guide after your tour, at your discretion.

With Kenya’s population of 43 million, we continue to work on conserving the habitat for wildlife and changing the hearts of those who inhabit it.

You can support us simply by showing up to the Centre. 90 percent of the entry fees goes to our conservation work. You can also choose to make a donation.

When you visit the Giraffe Centre or donate to us your contribution goes towards the following:

Ecology Trips

The Education Department at the Giraffe Centre targets children from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds. Whether from  rural areas or the city slums, thousands of children have yet to visit a national park or see wild animals. Where they exist, a deeper relationship and an interest and imagination for the environment can be built. Kenya is a country with an abundance of wildlife and environment, but lacking in educating the generations on how to play a positive role.

For as little as $10, we commit to take one child on a day-long ecology trip.

This covers all costs including transport and food.

School and Community Micro-Projects

To incentivise the adoption and practice of conservation in schools, we are proud to avail resources and funds each year to schools and communities across Kenya. This they use to establish Micro-projects. Micro-projects are small-scale interventions implemented at the school or community level to solve an environmental problem. Many are income generating.

A rigorous selection process is employed to determine who we award.

With your support, we can continue to help schools and communities in areas such as Kilifi in the Coast region, Western and Central Kenya. 

A short list of examples includes:

  1. Biodiversity conservation – Tree planting, composting manure, sunflower farming and agro forestry
  2. Waste Management – Set up of dust bins, incinerators, recycling, and eco codes.
  3. Enhancing Food Security: We help schools and communities develop self-sustaining projects including rabbit and poultry keeping, horticulture, fish farming and fruit orchards.
  4. Energy conservation such as  briquette making, energy saving jikos, biogas and solar cookers.

Together with partners like you, these programmes have changed the attitudes and actions of  students across Kenya, making them more aware of their role in environmental conservation.


Publishing Conservation Books, Posters and Literature

The Giraffe Centre produces a variety of environment resource material such as:

  1. Thematic Packs for primary and secondary school children
  2. Our Nature Trail Guidebook
  3. Manuals on Conservation Practices such as Making of Charcoal Briquettes.
  4. Environmental Awareness Posters.

We are also in the process of making an Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) guidebook for colleges. These we give to the schools and general public when they visit or by sending out to their libraries.


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Give to the Giraffe Centre

You can support us by sending your donation by money transfer to:

Bank: Barclays Bank of Kenya

Branch: Karen, Nairobi, Kenya

Account Name: African Fund for Endangered WLGCETP

Account No: 1130859

Swift Code: BARCKENx

Bank Code: 030-065

To deposit into this account from M-Pesa:

  1. Go to your M-Pesa menu.
  2. Select Paybill.
  3. Select Enter Business No, enter Paybill Number 303030 and press OK
  4. Select Enter Account No and enter Giraffe Centre Account No: 1130859 and press OK.
  5. Enter amount you wish to deposit and press OK
  6. Enter you M-Pesa Pin and press OK.
  7. You will get a notification from M-Pesa Hakikisha. Confirm that all details are correct. 
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