Environmental Conservation, Changing Mind-sets

To make a lasting environmental conservation impact in our country, we are to do much to our mindset. When one sees the importance and impact of every member of the environment, they often protect it.

We as AFEW Kenya – Giraffe Centre, have seen the importance of every member of the environment. From as small an animal as a Dik Dik to a tall animal in Giraffes, from the forgetful Warthog to the long memory of an Elephant, the great swimmers to the slow and steady Tortoise.

In as much as we appreciate them, protection of them is very important, lest they be extinct leading to a series of unfortunate events. Because of this, we appreciate every organization and persons who have taken upon themselves to protect and care for a member of the environment.

One way that we hope to help organizations and/people is through giving grants. We love to take part and even support environmental conservation activities.

To know how to apply for a grant by our organisation, kindly check out the documents below to help you in the application progress. p.s Just click on the wordings for the documents.

  1. AFEW Grants Guidelines for Applicants Grants Guidelines
  2. AFEW Grants Template
  3. AFEW Grants Capacity Self Assessment
  4. AFEW Grants Log -frame and M& E
  5. AFEW Grants Detailed Budget
  6. AFEW Grants Funding Agreement

For now, we are closed till further notice on the receiving of applications for grants. We’ll give notice of when we’ll be receiveing applications.