Imani Kiami


Francine Joseph

Extremely educational.

John Beecher

Got my first kiss here. 10/10

Jan F

A Learning experience. This was great fun – especially feeding the giraffes – and very illuminating. It suits any age and is a thoroughly worthwhile project.

Hassan S

Visited the place in July 2016! Loved it the most out of all the places in Nairobi! Giraffes are really very friendly! U get to feed them n get excellent photos! Best place to visit if your kids enjoy animals! Visited on a Sunday! Many tourists were there! No prior booking required! Spend as much time as u want! Tickets not expensive at all! Must visit the Mamba Village nearby!

Ben C

Great hour of fun. It was not expensive and the Giraffes are very interactive with the people. It’s amazing to see these animals up so close.