Kelly’s Fifth Born

Good day today it is. It’s not normal to witness a new born Giraffe Calf.

But this is no ordinary birth. Kelly is a legend already, this is her 5th born calf. Normally, giraffe’s gestation period is 15 months, but Kelly here did 17 months. That’s two whole months extra. Giraffes do this when they feel like the environment they are in is not conducive for giving birth. In this case, this would probably be because of the delayed rainy season.

So giraffes too are thrilled for the rain. Congratulation to Kelly.

2 thoughts on “Kelly’s Fifth Born”

  1. It’s so nice to know that orgs that take care and value animals exist. Especially this one as I just found out that giraffes are in danger now. It’s glad to hear Kelly’s pregnancy is healthy and she successfully gave birth to a healthy baby. I would love to support your org and I want to know how I can do that though I’m living thousands of miles away. I wish one day I can visit your place and actually be able to help giraffes in my own little ways. Thanks for this, keep it up!

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